There’s enough “Happy New Year” titled posts and messages going around today, so I thought I’d give you a break.

You’re welcome.

So wow, 2011 is here! I rang it in with Sam, Dave, Matt, Rebecca and Sylvain. We started the night at a Korean BBQ we’ve been to a few times. Unfortunately the night’s buffet selection consisted of various innards, worms (though they we mixed with chilis, so some credit is due), and other not so appetizing delectables.

But at least they had french fries. Ugh..

After a couple of rounds we headed to a KTV (Karaoke)  to slaughter some songs. It was a pretty swanky place, 5 floors and each party gets their own room. Our room was adorned with “Boxing” paraphernalia, include a punching bag and pictures of Ali on the walls.

A good time was had by all, and I had the honor of leading up to midnight with a moving and tearjerking version of “I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight”. As quickly as the hour came, it went and we dove back into the cold night air and made our way to McDonalds to satiate our midnight munchies.

And now the New Year is here, and it’s time to dust of the gym card, get a hair cut and bury my nose in these damn Chinese manuals. I’ve officially signed a contract to stay here another year, so I should really get my ass in gear and properly learn the language.

On a more creative note, I thought it would be fitting to bring The Misadventurer into the New Year by participating in the 1000-1000 Challenge , a project being run by Todd Wassel, over at Todd’s Wanderings.

The challenge is aimed at the travel blog community, encouraging growth in readership to 1000 views a day and $1000 USD per month in revenue (from my website, not by performing fellatio in dark alleyways for peanuts – that’s sooo 2010).

I’m about to hit the 5 year mark since I left the “Real World” behind me, and though this site has served it’s purpose to keep friends and family entertained and informed as to my whereabouts, it’s begging to become something more. As I mentioned in last month’s newsletter, there is going to be a definite shift in the presentation and content of The Misadventurer, becoming not only an online travel diary, but also an outlet to share all the useful(useless?) things I’ve learned about travel, life and the world over the past half decade.

So whether you’re a longtime lurker, or new to my site – I encourage you to share, retweet, or otherwise spread the love of The Misadventurer.

I want to be an Internet STD (Socially Transmitted Domain)!

You know, kind of like Chlamydia.