April 28, 2006 Posted by Greg in Journal


We went to Courmayeur with Vale’s parents for the long weekend. The
weather was great for the most part, though one day it rained, though it
wasn’t a bother since I took the opportunity to introduce “Frogger” to
Vale, and she happily hopped her way across roads and logs on my iBook
the entire day.

We went for a walk through the snow one afternoon, and it was a great
day with a great view. We stopped for lunch at a restaurant where I was
able to have some great lamb and polenta.

One evening we went out to a bar for some Grolla. It’s basically coffee
mixed with 3 or 4 kinds of alcohol, placed in a wooden container with 4
spouts and set on fire. Everyone then drinks from their own spout on
their way to drunkenness. Though…now that I think about it, if this
drink is to encourage friendship, should we all drink from the same
spout? Hmm..something to think about. But who am I to question tradition?

Afterwards, on the walk home, we enjoyed the relative quietness of the
town while Mauritzia struggled with her giggle-fit.

When we arrived home, Vale decided it was time to introduce a close
personal friend of mine to her family – Mrs Davenport. It was well
received, though Giancarlo hasn’t looked at me the same way since…

On the final day we went to the Hermitage for a picnic. We ended up
climbing to an absolutely phenomenal vantage point, with an amazing view
of the mountains contrasted against a cloudless sky. And I left my
camera in the condo…

I’ve really got to stop doing that.

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