Well it looks like tonight will be our last White Night on the pool deck. The wind was blowing just a bit too hard – table cloths had a life of their own, as did the sheet music from the band.

The bright side is that it was probably the best White Night we’ve had, so we definitely went out with a bang. The new cast did a great job with the opening act, and the energy that came from the crowd (ok, not so much the crowd, more from the entire entertainment team), was amazing. Hopefully the Caribbean deck parties will prove to be as much fun!

This also signals the last cruise for Breanna, which is a huge bummer. She’s really the glue that holds the team together, and it’s her voice of reason that keeps me from strangling Andy to death on a daily basis.

We’ve also started planning our transatlantic cruise back to the Caribbean, and preparing for hundreds of “I’ve done 30 cruises” people, who have nothing better to do than moan and bitch. Oh well…