Waaay back in the days of Creed and No Doubt, there were two guys who used to hang out in a magic shop (that one day they’d both work at as well). One was incredible good looking, charming, and suave. The other was Dave. They became fast friends, eventual roommates and cohorts in evening outings that had to be kept secret due to a one of them not being allowed to do anything without his girlfriend. And yes, they even went to see the Wedding Singer and Spice Girls – The Movie. These guys were hardcore.
Then six years ago, one of these friends decided to start adventuring around the world. The friends kept in touch, one of which had to put up with the other constantly nagging him to quit his job and travel as well. But his resolution was strong, and he continued his normal life, pursuing pasttimes including snowboarding, diving and rock climbing. But in the Fall of 2010, he finally cracked. He gave away all of his stuff, packed up his dive gear and flew to China, where the incredibly good looking one was waiting for him at the airport. And now they’re neighbors, working together and sharing a mutual disdain towards the boss’s dog.

I’m happy!
And I’ve made him drink more in the last 12 days than he’s had in the last 12 years, muahahaha..