Well the Lunar New Year is upon us, and as expected, fireworks have been exploding since the wee hours and will continue for the next two weeks.

Dave and I picked up a ton of fireworks in preparation for the celebrations (15 bucks for what would cost a couple hundred back home), and David, Anny and Bella joined us in the courtyard of my apartment to set them all off.

What did I learn last night? Dave’s jacket is fire retardant. Those 12 big ones set off car alarms. And it sucks when they don’t go up high enough and come back down to head height and then explode. Accidentally placing a multiball shooter upside down is a great way to start fires. Screaming and frantically jumping up and down on said fires is a great way to put them out.

That said, it was a really fun time. Even with the bitter cold, smiles and laughter were constant throughout. And we’ll do it all again next week!


And yes, I’ve noticed it’s been a year since I wrote anything. I’ve led an extraordinarily boring 12 months. Things’ll change shortly, I promise. 35 more days!