I’m Greg, and I like to travel. A lot. To the point where I start clawing the walls if I don’t get any foriegn stimulus for more than a couple of weeks. I have an insatiable hunger for new experiences and thrive being outside of my comfort zone.
I’ve climbed Mt Vesuvius, explored the secret underground tunnels of Turin, partied with gypsies in France, picniced at the Acropolis, skied the Alps and the Rockies, partook in tequila and cigars in Mexico, ate dog ears in South Korea, watched cock fights in the Phillipines and got sunburnt in the Caribbean so often that I really should know better by now.
And that was in the span of 18 months!
But my life hasn’t always been like this. Until the end of 2004, I spent my commutes to work daydreaming of far off places. I had a comfortable job in the IT sector, but had never been outside of my own country. The new year was quickly approaching and the too familiar mutterings of resolutions became the daily water cooler talk. But unlike the half-hearted but well intentioned gym memberships and vows to quit smoking, I was determined to follow through with mine – I wanted to see the world.
So as the ball dropped and the planet welcomed 2005, only a smirk on my face betrayed the overwhelmingly intense mixture of excitement, anticipation and fear that was coursing through my very being. My first day back to work saw me handing in my resignation, shortly followed by getting rid of my house, car and all of my belongings.
With a suitcase, a plane ticket and a whole lot of testicular fortitude, I said goodbye to the norm, and embraced the unknown.
I share my stories here to entertain and inspire, or at least give you a break from the everyday.